Teaching and Educational Activities

1. Formal Courses Taught

(500 and above courses are for graduates; 100-499 courses for undergraduates; NATS 101 or ATMO 170A is an introductory freshman course for a large number of students; general descriptions of courses are available at the Departmental web site, while detailed information, including Class Notes, is available to UA students.)

ATMO 441A/541A: Dynamic Meteorology I; Developed and taught in Fall 2002; taught in Fall 2004, 2006, 2010-2021

AMTO 595C: Climate Observations and Modeling; Developed and taught in Fall 2005; taught Spring 2011, 2013, 2015, 2017, 2019, 2021, 2023

ATMO 579: Boundary Layer Meteorology; Taught in Spring 2016, 2020, 2022

ATMO 441B/541B: Dynamic Meteorology II; Developed and taught in Spring 2002; taught in Spring 2003-2010, 2014

NATS 101 (renamed to ATMO 170A): Introduction to Weather and Climate; Developed and taught in Fall 2007; taught in Fall 2009, Spring 2012

ATMO 350: Atmospheric Measurements; Developed and taught in Spring 1999; taught in Spring 2000-2001

ATMO 410: Statistical Methods in Atmospheric Science; Developed and taught in Fall 1997

ATMO 430: Computational Methods in Atmospheric Science; Developed and taught in Fall 2000

ATMO 530: Micrometeorology; Developed and taught in Fall 1999; taught in Fall 2001, 2003

ATMO 596: Progress in Atmospheric Sciences; Seminar course developed in Spring 2006

ATMO 651: Cloud and Precipitation Physics; Team-developed and team-taught in Fall 2002

2. Online Course Taught

Starting from Fall Semester 2015, my lectures in ATMO441A/541A have been fully videotaped for our Bachelor of Applied Science in Meteorology Degree Program. This involves substantial revision of the lecture notes and the delivery of lectures.

3. Graduate Degree Program Development

Led the effort in setting up the Hydrometeorology  M.S. and Ph.D. Degree Program at the University of Arizona, which becomes the first such program in the U.S. It has been open for student enrollments from January 2010.

4. M.S. and Ph.D. Dissertations (As Advisor or Co-Advisor)


Jorge Arevalo, Josh Welty, Jack Reeves Eyre, Nick Dawson, Furrukh Bashir, Kerrie Geil, Zhao Yang, Susan M Stillman, Mike Brunke, Patrick Broxton, Koichi Sakaguchi, Mark Decker, Alaa Mohmad Ali, Aihui Wang, Er Lu, Zhuo Wang                                


Lauren Cutler, Jorge Arevalo, Madeleine Holland, Samuel Potteiger, Jeremy Sousa, Jack Reeves Eyre, Furrukh Bashir, Gabriel Moreno, Kyle Davis, Will Lytle, Suzy Stillman, Brad Christoffersen, Kerrie Geil, Jason Ninneman, Koichi Sakaguchi, Steve Stegall, Jesse Miller, Mark Decker, Kelly Wink, Mike Brunke, John Makevich, Praveen Rao

5. M.S. and Ph.D. Dissertations (As Committee Member)


Liling Chang, Hossein Dadashazar, Wengfu Tang, Jingjing Tian, Qiuyue Shao, Jinyu Wang, Zhen Wang, John Alejandro, Ewan Crosbie, Mike Stovern, Diana Stovern, Brad Christoffersen, Zulia M. S. Mejia, Kim Wood, Anna Wonaschuetz, Rafael Rosolem, David Choi, Angel Otarol, Ana Mosor, Robb Randall, Edgar Uribe, Feiqin Xie, Markus Frey, L. Gustavo Goncalves, Nadia Vinogradov, Chawn Harlow, Dave Adams, Wolfgang Buermann,  Fengbiao Ni


John Perkins, Joel Atwood, Malori Redman, Dean Pryles, Ethan Smith, William R. Strickler, Maria Cecilia Rodrigues do Prado, Bobby Chrisman, Gouri Prabhakr, Diana Stovern, Andrew Penny, David Kofron, Tina Stall, Jennifer Lee, Beena Chandy, Wendy Thomas, Rebecca Matichuk, Kenneth Kehoe, Nathan Parker, Natalie Murray, Wei Xue, Shawn Rossi                 

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          6. Undergraduate Interns (As Mentor)

Annalisa Minke, Sam Dahl, Richard Marcelain, Samuel Potteiger, Jay Patel, Sereena Ginar, Sarah Merrigan, Rey David Reyes, Karen Rivas, Kira Kiviat, Dimitri Ververelli, Chris Edwards, Erika Knutson, Andy T. Folkening, Todd Murphey